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"Sudakshina's voice is of world-class quality.  Unusually expressive and pure, yet extremely highly refined."

            - Steven Chesne, Composer

"Melodious voice and precise delivery, doing justice to her Guru"

             - Pandit  

Ravi Shankar

"After a while, I am hearing a voice with such range and pure tonal quality"

            - Pandit  

Ramesh Mishra

"Very dedicated learner and a matured singer.  A joy to teach."  

        - Vidushi  

Purnima Choudhuri

"A gifted voice, authentic taalim ( training ) from a legendary musician/guru and years of intensive practice have blended into a musicality that distinguishes Sudakshina Alagia in the realm of semi-classical vocal music. My brief interaction with her revealed an introspective mind which lies hidden behind the spontaneity and apparent effortlessness of her singing. Sudakshina's musical intellect also manifests in her teaching ability."

Pandit  Partha Bose

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